Converse County Wyoming – Trails and Rails to the West
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Douglas Wyoming



Converse County’s history and present-day economy is heavily intertwined with that of the railroad.Train Douglas
In Douglas, the local Chamber of Commerce and Visitor’s Center is housed in the historic FE & MV Railroad Passenger Depot. The building is listed on the National Historic Register and is surrounded by seven historic railcars including the Chicago Burlington and Quincy Railroad 4-8-4 Steam Locomotive #5633. Built at the CB&Q shops at West Burlington, Iowa in September 1940, it was one of the last class of steam locomotives on the Burlington. They were designed for fast freight and heavy passenger service. The locomotive, pictured above, is on display in Douglas and was in service until 1956.

The depot and the collection of train cars, known as the Douglas Railroad Interpretive Center, can be visited free of charge with additional information available by calling 307-358-2950 or visiting

Glenrock is equally rich in railroad history. Visitors to the community’s park drive beneath a 1911 train bridge built by the American Bridge Company of New York. The bridge, pictured at the right, is now part of the community’s pathway project. The pathway itself follows the former route of the Chicago North Western Railroad and can be traveled on foot or via a bicycle.Railroad Douglas Wyoming

A modern look at railways can be found throughout Converse County. In the small community of Lost Springs, in the eastern portion of the county, trains carrying coal from the Powder River Basin can be seen traveling the recently placed triple tracks. Trains continue to make their way through Douglas and past Glenrock. Driving north of Douglas on Hwy. 59, visitors can see numerous trains carrying coal from area coal mines to eastern markets. Some of the trains are a mile long.




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