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Eclipse Festival in Glenrock

August 17, 2017 @ 10:00 am - August 21, 2017 @ 11:00 pm

AUGUST 21, 2017

Mabuhay Motel, 302 West Birch Street, Glenrock, WY, #307-436-5468
Four Rooms on the Corner, 201 South 4th Street, Glenrock, WY, #307-436-2244
The Higgins Hotel, 416 West Birch Street, Glenrock, WY, #307-436-9212

Matt Miller, 236 North 3rd, Glenrock, WY, #307-247-0942 (Newly remodeled 3 bedroom, 2 Bath with off street parking)
Del & Joyce Bryan, 224 North 9th, Glenrock, WY, #307-259-0831 or #307-436-8817, (1 Bedroom in home with queen-size bed, 2 people. 1 small camper, sleeps 3. Bathroom facilities in home. No pets or children under 18. Aug. 18-24, 2017)
Platte River RV & Campground, 131 Shawnie Lane, Glenrock, WY, #307-262-9768
Riverbend RV Park, 971 Tank Farm Road, Glenrock, WY #307-436-3426
Deer Creek Village RV Park, 302 Millar Lane, Glenrock, WY, #307-436-8121
Memory Bridge RV Park & Campground, 8 Cottonwood Lane, Glenrock, WY #307-262-3947

Valentine Speedway, HWY 26/26, Glenrock, WY, #307-258-6095
Kurt Kindt, 56 South Monkey Road, Glenrock, WY- #307-267-1169 (Top of Monkey Mtn. with miles of beautiful open skies for online eclipse viewing & photography. Must be paid before parking, No Refunds. Water available Pets welcomed)
AV Tack, 5 Coal Shadow Road, Evansville, WY, #307-237-4889 (Open field for Dry Self Contained Camping. Limited hookups, horse stables, no Pets)
Melissa Albaugh, 610 West Platte, Glenrock, WY, #307-259-6502 (pets allowed)
Darrell Reinhard, Glenrock, WY, #307-253-0131
Lighthouse Worship Center, Glenrock, WY, #307-359-1228 (Concessions, Shuttle Service, awesome open inline viewing of eclipse)
Jim & Penny McCormic, 27 Dunham Road, Glenrock, WY, #307-258-1865 (Open area for telescope viewing & photography. Pets allowed)
Glenrock Health Center, 925 West Birch, Glenrock, WY, #307-436-9206 (6 RV spaces with 110 plug in’s available for $50/night)
Scott Gilbert, 25 IBC Way (MM 170- US Hwy 20-26), Glenrock, WY,
307-220-3163, 307cleanimage@gmail.com
70 Camp Spaces- RV, Tent and Campers- All Dry Camp, Wide open skies for eclipse viewing, Pets allowed
$500/5 nights

Classic Café & Pizza, 201 So. 4th St., Glenrock, WY, #436-2244
Fort Diablo Steakhouse & Saloon, 1136 US Hwy 87, Glenrock, WY, #307-436-2288
Rock Bottom Steakhouse, 316 West Birch, Glenrock, WY, #307-436-9095
Antelope Bar & Prairie Kitchen, 416 W. Birch, Glenrock, WY, #307-436-9212

Paleon Museum
Glenrock Train Bridge
Valentine Speedway
Deer Creek Museum
Rock in the Glen
Al’s Way walking path
South Recreation Complex
Parks – Town Park, McLagan Tot Lot, Kimball Park, Oregon Trails Park, Rookstool Park

Platte River RV & Campground, 131 Shawnie Lane, Glenrock, WY, #307-262-9768
Friday, August 18 – enjoy Bingo, a Flea Market, River Tubing & Kayaking Tours (book tours at the campground office)

Saturday, August 19 – enjoy River Tubing & Kayaking Tours (book tours at the campground office) and Bingo.
Noon – 7:00pm: Flea Market
5:30pm – 7:30pm: Dance with Club Dance DJ Michelle
7:30pm – 9:30pm: Platte River Campground’s Got Talent Contest (Music, Dance, Karaoke)

Sunday, August 20 – enjoy River Tubing & Kayaking Tours (book tours at the campground office) and Bingo.
10:00am – 7:00pm: Flea Market
6:00pm – 9:00pm: Live Entertainment – Chad Lore (gate fee)
9:00pm – 11:30pm: Live Entertainment – Kevin Earlywine (gate fee)
Live Music, August 20, Platte River Campground, 6pm – 11:30pm

Golf Tournament, Glenrock Golf Course, #307-436-5560

Pioneer Jubilee, Glenrock Town Park, #307-436-5652
Watch history come alive through storytelling and re-enactments. Enjoy days full of music, arts, and living history with hands on activities for everyone to enjoy.
There will be horse drawn wagon rides, black powder rifle demonstrations, black smith, settlers morning church services, Dutch oven cooking, Pony Express and much more.

Glenrock Library, Star War Movies, 506 South 4th Street, #307-436-2573
Friday, August 18
Star Trek with Chris Pine, Star Trek, Into the Darkness, Star Trek Beyond

Saturday, August 19
Starship Troopers

Monday, August 21
Live streaming of the solar eclipse with Nasa .https://eclipse2017.nasa.gov/

Glenrock Quilt & Fiber Art Show, Glenrock Rec Center, 412 South 4th Street
Saturday, August 19, 10am-5pm
Sunday, August 20, 10am-5pm

1. Rock In The Glen – On the south face of this landmark for the Oregon-California Trail are carvings of some of the names and dates of only a few of the estimated 350,000 immigrants that passed this way from 1841-1869. Lt. John Charles Fremont and his expedition to the far west camped here on July 26th, 1842. The “Pathfinder” was following the trail used by trappers and traders since 1812 and Indians since prehistory.
2. Deer Creek Station – Originally a pioneer and Indian trading post during the 1850s, the settlement first took the name of “Deer Creek Station” as a relay terminal for the Overland Stage system. In 1860, it became a “home station” for the Pony Express. A remarkable feat of courage by pony rider Henry Avis took place here, resulting in the Pony Express Co. paying him a bonus of $300 for exceptional bravery. Upon reaching Horseshoe Station Avis found the relay rider unwilling to carry the mail. Up ahead marauding Sioux Indians were on the warpath, making the trail a veritable death trap. Undaunted, Avis changed horses and rode into the night. He reached Deer Creek only to find the station abandoned, the station keeper missing and all the relay mounts stolen. To compound matters, the eastbound pony rider arrived, he too refusing to ride further. So, once more Avis took the saddle, returning to Horseshoe Station, without a rest he had covered 220 dangerous and bone-weary miles.
3. Emigrant Crossing – A narrow gorge a few miles west of present day Casper, Wyoming, forced all pioneers traveling the south bank of the North Platte to cross to the other side. Three such crossings were in general use near old For Casper but with the hordes of 49ers glutting the trails during the Gold Rush wagon trains were forced to wait for days to be ferried across. Impatient gold seekers unwilling to waste precious time, began crossing just above the mouth of Deer Creek. Imprudent prospectors tempted to swim across, resulting in a long list of drownings reported daily. More cautions pioneers took time to build adequate ferries.
4. Mormon Mines – The first group of Mormons to reach Deer Creek, that balmy June 10th 1847 described it as a “lovely place to camp, swift current clear water, abundance of fish and a nice grove of timber on the banks that stretched a quarter mile up to the coal mine on the east side”. Upon reaching the crossing place over the Platte where mountain men suggested crossing, they encountered a river running high from spring run-off, making it necessary to build a ferry to float their wagons. Having finished ferrying on the 20th Captain Grover chose two men to go to Deer Creek for a load of coal thus recording the first coal mine in the Wyoming.
5. A.H. Unthank Grave – Traveling with friends and relatives. Alvah Unthank left West Port (Kansas City) bound for the gold fields of California. Not yet turned 20, he carefully carved his name in the sandstone of register cliff only to be struck down with in the first week by dreaded cholera. His grave can be found one half mile east of the paved road leading to the Dave Johnson Power Plant.
6. Brigham Young Mail Station – Anxious to obtain better mail service from the states, Hyrum Kimball acting as agent for the Mormon-BYX operation with headquarters being located in Salt Lake Cit, was low bidder for a US Postal contract to carry the mail between western Missouri and that city. The contract was formally awarded Oct. 9th 1856. Construction of a “Mail Station” at Deer Creek began the follwoing spring. Fifteen acres had been planted with crops, a corral had been completed and so was a fort that enclosed 42 houses. The United States government acting on rumors of a Mormon insurrection, ordered federal troops to march against Utah that very summer. Upon learning of Col. Albert Johnson’s advancing army the Mormons hastily withdrew from Deer Creek, returning to the sanctuary of Salt Lake City.
7. Parker-Ringo Grave – Located two miles west of Glenrock stands two sandstone markers. One simply reads “J.P. Parker Died July 1 1860 Age 41 from Iowa. The other bears only the name M. Ringo. Historic research has shown that this is the final resting place of Martin Ringo. Martin’s son grew up to be the infamous gunman Johnny Ringo
8. ADA Magill Grave – Mr. & Mrs. G.M Magill and their two children joined up with a Kansas wagon train en-routed for Oregon. While camped at Fort Laramie their daughter Ada came down with dysentery. Ada passed just 5 miles past Deer Creek at a nooning location. The grieving family laid Ada to Rest with a little tombstone over her head and stones piled high upon the grave.
9. Hayden Pioneer Monument – The only known granite monument erected to the memory of Dr. Hayden was placed in Glenrock. Dr. Hayden first came to the Deer Creek area while attached to a military operation called the Expedition of the Yellowstone. Hayden had the first love for geology and did research along the way as well. Credited for later founding the US Geological Survey he began writing annual geological reports the first was published in 1867.


August 17, 2017 @ 10:00 am
August 21, 2017 @ 11:00 pm


Glenrock Wyoming Chamber