Converse County Tourism Promotion Board Guidelines for Special Events and Advertising Grant Requests

The purpose of the Converse County Tourism Promotion Board (CCTPB) is to generate overnight stays through the promotion of travel and tourism within Converse County by creating and facilitating broad and effective development and marketing of programs, and improving and enhancing Converse County’s overnight destination tourism opportunities.

The Board has developed guidelines for marketing, promotion and sponsorship grants for projects and programs that meet our purpose.


Grants for advertising, marketing and sponsorship are available to Converse County volunteer and non-profit organizations. Organizations eligible to apply for grants shall be organizations which have projects for the promotion of tourism within Converse County that will bring visitors to Converse County.

Applicants should be prepared to pay up to 50% of the marketing and promotion budget. Any interpretations or decisions regarding these limitations shall be the sole judgment of the CCTPB as determined by the grant review committee and its approved guidelines.

Advertising programs submitted for assistance should be those designed specifically to encourage people from other parts of the state, region or nation to visit Converse County. For this reason, an ample portion of the total promotional budget in each grant request should be directed toward visitors outside of Converse County.

All promotional materials and advertising created with the assistance of the CCTPB Special Events Advertising Funds program must include a credit line which reads: “” The applicant is responsible for all printed materials being accurate and having the CCTPB credit included.

Exclusions from funding include:


  • Capital construction or improvements
  • Purchases of equipment
  • Communication: telephone, postage, etc.
  • Administration: salary, overrun, overhead, entertainment, supplies, etc.
  • Expenses or commitments made prior to project approval
  • Any non-budgeted expense, as per approved contract – no contingency can be allowed
  • Sale items: Travel promotion items such as audio visual tapes, cassettes, brochures, posters, etc. produced for sale, except where profits are reinvested in the program and used for further tourism promotion. Projected profits must be included in the tourism group’s overall long-range tourism promotional plan.

Any interpretations or decisions regarding the limitations shall be at the sole judgment of the CCTPB.

All advertising, marketing and sponsorship decisions of this Board are based on one or more of the following:

  • Number of participants from outside of Converse County
  • Number of room nights generated
  • Estimated economic impact on the area as a whole
  • Opportunity to maintain and grow the event on an annual basis

Submitting Applications

Grant applications may be presented to the CCTPB every month.

CLICK here to download the Grant Application

Each Special Events and Advertising Grant Request must be submitted by either mail, email or in person to the CCTPB Administrative Contractor by the first of the month prior to the meeting at which the grant is to be considered. The Grants Review Committee will review the application and forward the results to the full board. The application will be considered by the full board at its next regular meeting. A representative for the application must be present to answer questions.

Administrative Contractor:
Jennifer Womack

Completion and Reporting Requirements

Each approved project will have established a project completion date upon which a FINAL REQUEST FOR PAYMENT FORM must be submitted to the CCTPB WITHIN 90 DAYS of the project completion date. Payments will be made directly to vendors. Actual vendor invoices should be submitted to the Administrative Contractor at least to weeks prior to the next regular board meeting for final approval and payment at that meeting. If applicable, all invoices must include copies of print ads.The CCTPB Treasurer and committee will audit and evaluate each Request for Payment and determine its compliance with the established guidelines.

Payment will NOT be made on:

An amount exceeding the approved project grant

Advertising placement and/or print projects which were not specifically proposed in the approved application

Any bills paid before the project approval date

After the final report evaluation is completed, any unused encumbered funds will be released to go back to their original program account for other uses.