Converse County Wyoming – Trails and Rails to the West
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Ayers Natural Bridge

Ayers Natural BridgeCrafted by the hands of Mother Nature, Ayres Natural Bridge, located just south of the Oregon Trail, is one of only three natural bridges in the United States with water beneath. Considered one of Wyoming’s first tourist attractions, this breathtaking wonder includes a picnic area, hiking paths, a sand volleyball court and horseshoe pits.

Visitors to the area can find the exit to Natural Bridge just off of Interstate 25 between Douglas and Glenrock. The park is located 11 miles south of the Interstate. No pets are allowed. Limited camping is available.

For the Indians who first lived in this country, the natural bridge was a deadly place. A young brave had been struck by lightning and killed while hunting the canyon. Legend of an evil spirit who lived below the bridge resulted. When white settlers realized the Indians’ beliefs they used the bridge as an escape from Indian attacks.

Today Natural Bridge and the park that surrounds it are open April through October. For additional information call the park at 307-358-3532. You can also obtain information by contacting the Douglas Area Chamber of Commerce at 307-358-2950 or the Glenrock Chamber of Commerce at 307-436-5652.

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